Further Town, NYSDEC and EPA testing proves Aluf Plastics is not the source of VOCs or odors in Orangetown

The results of the most recent testing for VOCs and odors in the air around Aluf Plastics, conducted by the Town of Orangetown, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have been reported to Aluf and the Town of Orangetown. The outcome of the testing was that the results did not identify Aluf as the source of odors in the air in the town. Nevertheless, Aluf is continuing to make improvements to its plant, following all protocols set forth by the NYSDEC and best management practices.

Testing Results

VOC and odor air sampling commissioned by Orangetown and performed by third-party consultant TRC Environmental Corp. of Windsor, Connecticut

September 15-26

Ambient air sampling for VOCs was conducted over a period of three weeks in four locations in the vicinity of Aluf. Meteorological monitoring was also conducted. A second phase of testing will be performed after upgrades at Aluf are completed. TRC also provided the services of an on‐site odor expert – Karen M. Vetrano, Ph.D, Manager of Risk Assessment and Toxicology at TRC – to identify odor sources and conduct an odor survey.

VOC sampling revealed that there are elevated concentrations of compounds in the air that are common to car exhaust, cigarette smoke, burning wood and burning oil (such as home heating oil), gasoline and industrial chemicals. In its report, TRC did not attribute these VOCs to Aluf and opined that TRC does not believe that exposure to these concentrations of the chemicals identified in the air would result in negative health effects. Dr. Vetrano also was on site at Aluf multiple times and was not able to attribute any odors as coming from Aluf.

TRC will conduct further VOC and odor testing in a second phase of testing commissioned by the Town.

VOC and odor stack testing at Aluf Plastics performed by WSP Global, a global environmental consulting firm, pursuant to protocols established by the NYSDEC

June 28-29, 2017

Samples of stack emissions were collected from the Internal Bubble Cooling Retail and the Reprocessing Process stack outlets. Modeling was used to determine the concentrations of chemical emanating from the stacks at the property fence line. Results from all testing and the subsequent air dispersion modeling of the maximum short-term and maximum annual average ground concentrations do not exceed compound or odor thresholds for any pollutants measured.

VOC and odor testing performed by the EPA at the request of the NYSDEC

August 30, 2017

The EPA performed air sample testing in various Orangetown locations with mobile lab equipment that provides immediate results. The EPA conducted testing on Aluf property and detected no VOCs or aldehydes. The EPA also performed laser testing of Aluf’s five stacks and found no compounds being emitted by the company in violation of applicable laws, regulations or standards.

Aluf Plant Improvements

With the careful oversight of NYSDEC, Aluf has diligently and fully complied with all terms of its consent order. Aluf has made upgrades to its operating equipment and to its ventilation systems, and will continue to make further modifications, to comport with best management practices as part of its ongoing dedication to operational improvements and stewardship of the environment.